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Patty developed the SDR program at Avoka from scratch with almost no budget or resources. Over the 18 months she added $30 million in enterprise sales opportunities into the top of Avoka’s sales funnel, targeting senior-level bank and financial service executives world-wide. She developed the lead generation and outreach process globally, trained new SDRs as they joined the organization and continued coaching and mentoring as she was delivering her own opportunities, always meeting and mostly exceeding her quota. She continuously tested and iterated her process to maximize results, and shared her leads and processes unselfishly with her peers so they could improve their own performance. Patty is a dedicated professional, focused on meeting her goals and overcoming any obstacles in her path. She’s also a genuinely nice person and a pleasure to work with.
What an amazing person Patty is! Our company hired Patty on as a consultant to help us shape a new sales process and she is like a guru at this stuff. She’s helped us with our email templates, our wording for voicemails and to-the-point calls, she’s given us recommendations on software and programs to use to maximize our time and our response rate — she really knows what she’s doing. Patty takes it a step further and continues to provide us with support on whatever we need. I’m constantly in contact with her to get her opinion on how to reply to difficult emails and she always knows exactly what to say. On top of all of that, she is very personable and easy to get along with. For anyone looking to develop their sales and become more successful with their process, I 100% recommend working with Patty.
I have had the pleasure of knowing Patty @RevenueCatapult for over 9 months now. We initially contacted her for her powerful results in generating appointments and warm leads. She helped us develop a Sales Development Representative role, and we have since collaborated on numerous campaigns wherein we were receiving direct phone calls within the first 10 minutes!!, and receiving response rates as high as 48%. These are organizations of 10,000+ employees, with direct contact to the decision makers that we needed to be contacting. The ROI on the skills she has cultivated for us, is incredibly higher than any other leads generation activities we have tried in the past. We are now well on our way to 300% increase in meetings and opportunities. Aside from her depth of knowledge and results driven success, she is so pleasant to work with, flexible, attentive, and cares for our needs as a number one priority. We plan on continuing our use of her services for the value she adds to building our business for many years to come!
Chris L., Sales Manager
Patty single-handedly built our SDR program at Avoka with nothing more than the “Predictable Revenue” handbook, a real need to help companies within the financial service sector and her own determination. A year later, her sales reps are closing the biggest deals in the company’s history and her $$ pipeline is the envy of any software company. Because of her success, the SDR program has grown from Patty to 4 reps and she spends much of her time training and coaching on “this is how it works,” and still leads the company with her numbers. Patty and her SDR work have created the cornerstone of the company’s sales success.
Patty and I have known each other for a few years and she has consulted with our company multiple times. Patty is one of those people who is great at figuring things out and getting stuff done. She also shows great patience when teaching people new skills. Her work helping us build an inside sales function was instrumental and delivered impressive results. I’d work with her again anytime.