One of the big challenges of sales development work is figuring out how to prioritize your daily tasks so you are following up appropriately and persistently with the right people and knowing when it’s time to cut bait. It reminds me of this saying:

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. ~Thomas Edison

One of the greatest inventions available to modern SDRs is the ready availability of  email tracking technology. My personal favorites are those available in the platform and ContactMonkey. Watching people open your cold emails is fun, but it also should inform how you spend your time. Rather than working harder, email tracking enables SDRs to work smarter.

Take the example of someone who didn’t resonate with the first message you sent. You know your company’s services can still provide value even if he doesn’t have a specific trigger event coming up. The prospect’s response looks something like this:

I am in charge of that function, but we don’t have any of that type of project on the roadmap this year.

You respond with something like this, filling in the details of what your organization does, of course! You’re fishing for other ways to provide value to this organization.

Hi Prospect,

Thanks for letting me know. Just to clarify since our offering is unique, we have other services that provide value on an ongoing basis.

Some examples:

  1. Example A
  2. Example B
  3. Example C

If any of these are interesting to you, would you like to arrange a quick intro call, or perhaps there is someone else I should speak with? If none of these are interesting to you, I hope you have a great day!


This is where the email tracking comes in. Schedule a reminder to check in a week to see if the email has been opened.

  • If he opens it only once, you will know he’s read the message and not become more interested and it’s time to move on. Don’t waste any more time on him.
  • If it gets opened three or more times, you will know you’ve struck a nerve and you should continue to persistently follow up.
  • If he doesn’t open it at all, this is tricky. The email may have arrived at a time he was too busy to read it. Try sending one more email.

If you still get no response, it’s time to move on to lower hanging fruit.