Revenue Catapult helps B2B companies put a system in place for predictably filling their sales funnels

Revenue Catapult helps B2B companies solve the most difficult problem related to growing their business fast and in a predictable manner. We crack the code, create the formula and put all the tools in place needed. Then we train your staff or help you bring in outsourced resources to execute the plan.

Our clients, who are all B2B companies, come from a wide variety of industries selling a wide variety of products and services to a wide variety of personas. They have identified over $500 million in new sales opportunities using our system and you can too. Contact us for a free consultation. References are available upon request. Just make sure you’re really ready to grow!

How to Predictably Fill Your Sales Funnel Using Cold Email Prospecting

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Senior business executives process hundreds of emails every day, many of them salespeople asking for a piece of the executive’s most precious possession – his or her time. With this kind of competition for an executive’s attention, many people believe cold email prospecting has no place in the sales toolbox. The reality is that if [...]

How far into the sales process should an SDR drive the opportunity

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If you're just putting a sales development function in place for the first time, one of the primary questions you need to answer is when an SDR should turn an opportunity over to a sales executive and move on to the next opportunity. The short answer is -- it totally depends. Below are some of the [...]